The Bikini:

The Clash Between Self-Expression and Male Subjugation


by Alexander Wang

published works

From the Streets to the Runway: How Hip-Hop Refashioned Pop Culture

July 2020

7 African Fashion Influencers in Toronto That You Need to Know

July 2020

Singer-Songwriter Shay Lia Is Spreading Love on Her Own Terms

July 2020

Q&A: A Conversation wiht Folklore's Founder and CEO Amira Rasool

July 2020

5 Female Influencers of the Decade

July 2020


A Short Guide to Educational Creative Works Concerning Black Lives Matter And Anti-Racism

June 2020

10 Black-Owned Vintage Shops to Support Today

June 2020

Chromatica: Lady GaGa on Mental Health and Self Love

June 2020

Zac Posen Shutters His Business

November 2019

5 Must See Pieces At The Johnson This Semester

November 2019

The 6 Train

October 2019

Beyond Fashion: CFC Alumnae Working in Costume Design

March 2019

Paper Fashion in the 1960s: The Genesis of Fast Fashion

March 2018

The Ms. Q&A: Why Lingua Franca Founder Rachelle Hruska MacPherson Wants You to Buy a Resistance Sweater

September 2018

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