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To me, fashion is a language that communicates what it means to be human. It extends far beyond the superficial and even the functional — it is a responsive art form that reflects and drives social, cultural, and economic changes. It is an economic force that connects peoples and cultures all over the globe. It is a pioneer of technological innovations in the digital age. It is the most powerful form of self-expression, both a form of armor and non-verbal communicator of identity. 

However, fashion is often perceived as frivolous or even disposable, and I seek to dismantle social perceptions of the industry by delving deep into the nuances of the art form. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the way an emerging social movement gives rise to a new trend. Or the way an innovative new style — like the pantsuit in the 60s or streetwear today — can be a political statement and a catalyst for reform. Fashion is both the future and the past. It is an art that is created by all of us: every culture, gender, and movement in history. I believe that fashion, more than anything, is an extension of humanity, an agent for creative expression and a vehicle for social change. 


Livia Caligor is an NYC-based creative who specializes in fashion management, writing, and fine arts. She graduated from Cornell University in 2021 with a B.S. in Fashion Design Management concentrating in Fashion Communications and a minor in English. She has global experience in various sectors of the fashion industry, including design and production, editorial writing, creative marketing and event production, logistics, film and costume design, and sales and finance. She views fashion as a tangible artifact of our rapidly-changing society and is especially interested in writing about the social and cultural implications of emerging trends and technologies. She seeks to fuse her industry experience with her passions for social responsibility, literature, and activism by exploring topics of sustainability, diversity, and social reform in fashion. 

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