To me, fashion is a language that communicates what it means to be human. It extends far beyond the superficial and even the functional — it is a responsive art form that reflects and drives social reform. It is an economic force that connects peoples and cultures all over the globe. It is a pioneer of technological innovations in the digital age. It is the most powerful form of self-expression, both a form of armor and non-verbal communicator of identity. 


"f-a-c-u- 1 t-i-e-s"

2019 Kuhlman Fiber Arts & Wearable Arts Scholarship





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From the Streets to the Runway: How Hip-Hop Refashioned Pop Culture, Cliché Magazine





Though streetwear is commonplace across the market today, it is necessary to recognize the cultural significance of hip-hop’s inception, as well as the creative agency of its pioneers. From a fringe subculture that united a marginalized community to one of the most ubiquitous forms of expression today, hip-hop has refashioned mainstream dress and forged an unprecedented bridge between fashion and music. And most importantly, it subverts fashion’s status quo by challenging racial hierarchies and dismantling the binary between the streets and the runway.


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